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best buys is selling a 22'' widescreen LCD monitor for $219, it looks really appealing, but would i have to get a more powerful GPU to get the same preformance than i would with a 19" monitor?
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  1. What is your graphics card? Your raw performance will be less on the 22" since it runs a higher resolution, but if your GPU is powerful enough you won't notice the difference.
  2. Chances are that you would be alright with the jump from 19" to 22".

    Like SEAL said, you will lose performance (FPS) but you would gain the beauty of 3 more inches of diagonal. I think that it is worth the trade-off.
  3. would the picture on the screen be less clear, because its a bigger screen? what i mean will it be kinda pixelated compared to the 19'' because of the larger screen? my graphics card options are a 7600gt or 1950pro i havnt decided yet.
  4. No, the picture would be just as sharp, since the extra 3 inches are filled with extra pixels. It's not like all the pixels on your 19" were stretched to a size of 22".
  5. Quote:
    No, the picture would be just as sharp, since the extra 3 inches are filled with extra pixels. It's not like all the pixels on your 19" were stretched to a size of 22".

    If it were the case that the pixels were just stretched, I don't think the graphics card would have as hard of a time drawing the images. (Like if you were running a native 1650x1080 at 1440x900)
  6. THe deal here is the display options: you want 'dot-by-dot' enabled to prevent stretching. this will black out areas beyond the rez.

    IMHO save your money for a 1200x1920, they're dropping to $500ish right now and they're 24". Using dot-by dot here is VERY nice.

    If thats not in the picture, anything 1050x1680 at 20" will do nicely.

    For a VERY competitive price, consider an 8600GT and be DX10 compatible, ASUS makes a nice one under US150. Nothing wrong with your DX9 alternatives tho ( I personally prefer the 1950GT for O/C ). What you've suggested supports 1050x1680 and 900x1440.

  7. I would say go for it, and about the graphics card. I don't know what you have now. But if your choices are 7600gt and 1950pro i would go for the 1950pro because of the 256-bit interface wich is better for higher resolutions
  8. Personally I don't like the mods needed for the 1950 PRO. Quite a few of these crash and burn except the double heights with slot vent. Even then, I'm hearing a lot about modding the fan, cooler and thermal paste to get the desired perf. outta them. For that additional $$$ why bother with x1950 pro at all... go higher. Go DX10 for the same $$$ and get cripped at 8600/2600, or wait 'til the Ati 2800 series gets released, and play around with a 1950. For me a 1950 gt/ 8600gt now and a 2800 gto later.
  9. :lol: Is this the monitor you saw at best buy?
    It is the 22" westinghouse. Model LCW-22W3

    I have the older version of the same monitor. (my sis gave it to me last Christmas) (I also have a gateway VX1120 CRt. It too was given to me by someone from church) :D :P
    Mine is model LCW 22-W2 has RGB, A/V, S-Video and Speakers connections, the new version doesn't have them.
    My old monitor was an old 15" LCD that dated from about 2000.

    The image on this monitor looks very good.
    I have it running at 1680x1050 on a BFG6600gtoc.

    I'm able to play BF2 and BF2142 at high settings.
    But I thinks it's because my GPU is factory Oc'ed.

    So I would recommend on buying the monitor.
  10. i bought it today(i got the last one ; ). ) and your right its great! every thing is perfect and the picture is great : )
  11. Great and congrats.

    What GPU do you have?
  12. 7600gt
  13. Nice.

    I think you'll be very satisfied with that card

    because I'm with the 6600 :)
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