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Hi, can anyone tell me what the best diagnostic tool is out thier. Because my acer aspire 8920 keeps freezing on me at anytime, when i just start up or when i go on the internet.( even when i play a film on my tv with the hdmi lead ). I have taken it to a few shops but they dont want to know.Thank you in advance dave
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  1. There is no one stop diagnostic tool for laptops (or any computer hardware really). The vendor sometimes provides a boot disk that checks for components, but every one I have seen will only run on specific hardware. There are some generic tools to check for issues such as memtest, scandisk, Prime95, but almost all except memtest need you to be able to get to Windows to run them.

    Does the laptop just stop responding, does it shut off, do you get video corruption? Have you swapped out the battery and power supply? Fans all working? Try different RAM or hard drive? If you don't have diagnostic software for your model that you can boot off, or runs in your BIOS, you may need to just try swapping out some hardware. Although wherever you took it to be checked already should have done that for you.
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