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I own a Gateway FX6800, and the hard drive just went out on it. I replaced the hard drive, but I never made any recovery disc's for my computer. Is there anyway to recover it without spending $20 and waiting for 2 weeks for gateway to ship me new recovery cd's? Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. Your only other option is to get a Windows disc (make sure it's OEM, not retail) and install Windows cleanly using the key on your computer. If the key is unreadable, then you'll have to order the recovery discs from Gateway.
  2. The " Key " on the side of the computer is an " OEM " version, which only works with media produced for Gateway.

    You really need to obtain the media from Gateway, or use a recovery kit generated by an end-user.

    For $22, I want the actual media from Gateway, so when needed (HDD Died, and reload from partition 1 isn't available) ... that I can actually put the computer back to the factory image.

    I would recommend that everyone purchase their media kits from their vendors. I have worked on Major Brand computers, where the Recovery Media kits have been discontinued. This required the owner to re-purchase a complete OS license for re-installation. Typically, the recovery media kits also come with the baseline drivers for the system.

    Lets do the math $22 for RMK ... or $143+ for a Win-OS license . . .
  3. You don't specifically need Gateway OEM discs... you just need MS OEM disc to use the key on your computer. Obviously, using Dell or HP or Acer OEM discs is out of the question... but a generic OEM disc will work just fine. I've had to do it more than once.
  4. One reason to purchase a Big Box Computer is the stuff which comes with it. You can make your own Recovery Media Kit (RMK), by using the procedures outlined in the Gateway documentation (also available on their website). When you create your own recovery kit, its only the cost of 3 blank dvds necessary to do the burn operation.

    I like to get the real thing from the vendor. The prices range, typically from $10 to $49 (Acer Laptop RMK was the most expensive).

    I keep this kit with the computer, until it is retired.

    If you don't have a recovery media kit, then you may be forced to purchase another Microsoft Windows License and load it onto your computer.

    My point was that for the small price of the purchase, it saves the larger purchase of a replacement OS, when your computer is down and dirty, which is typical when your hard drive fails.
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    I understood your point, however the point I was making is that he can borrow an OEM copy of the OS and install it using the product key on his computer. This will get him up and running without the waiting. It is still a good idea to order the recovery media, however... because as you found out, a hard drive can go at the most inconvenient time. The only problem with using a generic MS OEM disc is that you'll have to hunt down drivers for your hardware after it's installed.
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