Network card confusion PLEASE help

Sorry to do this but im REALLY stuck and need to get this sorted for my uni project due this weds.

Basically I have a setup of PC and Server with a Netgear Gigabit switch connecting the two, off of that I have a netgear cable router acting as DHCP server.

PC - MSI P35 Neo2-FR (onboard realtek gigabit) and Netgear 108Mbit Wifi card. Vista Business all updates
Server - Asus A7V something (onboard 100Mbit) and 54Mbit wifi card XP SP2
Laptop - Dell x300 54Gbit wifi and 1Gbit NIC XP SP2

PC -
Wont work Map network drives ping server wifi or DNS, manual mapping, direct crossover to laptop
Does work Internet, Remote Desktop Connection, Wifi DHCP, Wifi Manual IP, ping server wired NIC IP

Laptop -
Wont - Direct corssover to PC, sees 100Mbit not 1Gbit
Will work - everything else inc PCs cable on laptop

Yesterday while browsing the net on my pc my wired network stopped working, the wifi kicking and and carried on going. Anyways later then tried to access the mapped network drives of the server and wouldnt work, so tried manually typing the address in run to access, still no luck. Tried to remote desktop connect in and worked fine, no problems. Tried pinging it and get a response if I put the IP of the wired NIC if I use DNS or the wifi card IP it fails, the wifi card is connected to the network. And I still have the internet on both machines. VERY strange.

The cable for the PC is now detected by the PC as 10Mbit, plug it into my laptop Cat5e seen as 100Mbit which I can understand as true gigabit support only comes with Cat6 as I understand. Laptop works fine and can see mapped drives etc.

So I then tried using a crossover cable from laptop to PC with static IP's again the PC could not see the laptop.

I then tried rolling back drivers, uninstalling and also upsing latest drivers available. All with no luck. Then I spoke to my housemate who has a Gigabit P35 DSR with the same realtek onboard NIC so I copied his drivers and tried them with my PC, as he has 1GBit connecting and working with DHCP. Still no luck.

Everyone in the house has access to the server but me on my PC (3 on Vista Business 2 on XP SP2)

Finally I have tried manual IP settings for the NIC and still no luck, so being honest im truely stumped.

Any suggestions please as I really need this so I can produce my map of the home network for my assignment.

thank you so much to all those that try to help :)
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  1. I need alittle more info. If your cable modem is your DHCP/router. Make sure it's allowed to issue more than a certain amout of IP's. Your gateway address you should be using is the routers address. If the server is running DNS server then that address should be the first DNS address and the ISP providers DNS server address as the secondary. On the Vista box turn off IPV6.
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