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My Dell Inspiron B130 Windows Xp SP3 had only one internal hard drive, it was broken up into Drive C and two nameless partions that I did not make.

I accidentley deleted one of the namless partitions and now my windows XP SP3 laptop is no longer bootable. My computer just says no bootable drive found. I think I deleated some important system data.

My personal data on Drive C appears to be still there is there any way I can recover the system data or make my laptop bootable again without losing all of my data?
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  1. You must have deleted the boot records. There are a couple of solutions:
    >Put your Win XP installation CD in the drive and boot into Recovery mode. Try restoring the boot files by using commands like FIXMBR and FIXBOOT.
    >Another option is boot into any linux live CD and copy the contents from your C drive into an external portable hard disk or pendrive. Then you can format the entire hard disk and reinstall Win XP.
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