Improving your Wireless Rate? How?

I've had my two computer set up now for about 8 months. I built the new one then, and the other was my old one. One always lags considerably and the other one, now and then will get spikes but no more than the average wireless network when you're playing an MMO or other online games. I've logged into the router and watched the signals and stuff. here is the the data I see..

MAC Address IP Address Mode Rate Signal (%)

The rating on the bottom on basically stays at 1 when in game, but changes to like 10-12 when out of but still dips to 1 even outside the game. I've only been watching it for the past day and half. What would affect the Rate? I've read one post before mine that sent me to... Which already has helped some. I changed the channels a bit but it stays the same. Now I was thinking of going and ordering a Repeater but I want to see if that will even affect my Rate or if that will only increase the Signal? Until I figured out this much I thought the signal was the big problem but once I got into my router and looked I actually noted that they are fairly equal.

The old one does have some errors with the CPU being OCed slightly, I'm basically riding it out as is until i have to replace it. Would this affect the Rate? It runs fine and plays single player games fine, it's online that lags and browsing is slow. They are side by side on a table as well, which I read in the last post I found that link in, that this could affect it as well, but they keep the same signal basically so I wasn't sure if the Rate is affect by this? Any help would be greatly appriciated. The Router is Dlink, the new computer has a linksys adaptor with a good size antenna and the old one has a netgear adaptor that has an antenna about half the size of the other.

Thanks in advance with whatever you guys can give me. Always been great help when I've needed to find stuff in the past.
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  1. dude your using 802.11b... that standard is almost 10 years old!

    one word: UPGRADE
  2. What? It is 802.11g not B...clearly says G in my post.
  3. Are there any other devices around in the same frequency range? One notable example would be a 2.4GHz wireless phone. Better antennas on the various devices might help. Try alternate positioning and/or orientation. Type and thickness of intervening walls can make a difference.
    If you decide to upgrade, you might look into ethernet over power lines.
  4. There is a phone but I've tried channel 1, 6 and 11 like someone else had posted yesterday. Every channel seems to do the same. I bought a ( HAWKING HAI15SC Hi-Gain 15dBi Corner Antenna - Retail ) hoping this helps. If they're interfering with each other this will spread them out. and i'm hoping it will help since it has a little antenna.
  5. No, you shouldn’t be getting interference if you changed the channel. 1, 6, and 11 do not interfere with each other... well, at least they shouldn't (the frequencies are spread out enough so they never meet). I would also look at the brand of the wireless AP that you have. Some vendors are known to be better than others.

    Is there anything else that is using the wireless network other than you when playing? You do have encryption so no one else can be hijacking your network? How far away from the AP are you? Are you using windows wireless detector or are you using the program that came with you wireless card?

    I am sure you already looked at these. I am just asking to maybe help. You can never look over an issue to many times.
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