I recently got a Toshiba satellite pro c650 - 196 2nd hand it needed a restore factory settings doing so i did that with the disk that was in which was a backup disk little did i know that there were more disks to this (i.e cd 1 of 2 ) and i do not have the other disk so now my laptop is half installed and wont go any further is there a way of downloading backup disks ?
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  1. it should have a recovery partition--try pressing zero key when turning it on or f10 key--cant remember which one but my partners c660 definately has a recovery partition on it
  2. tried that but when i go on to the recovery partion it says error F3-F200-0002
  3. do you have a windows 7 disc for another pc-- you may be able to use the repair option--or you can download a

    windows 7 repair disc loads of places on the internet--this wont install windows but it will have a repair option which

    may repair the hard drive problem with the recovery partition
  4. nope dont have a windows 7 disc , i have downloaded one but have no way at the moment of burning it onto a disc just got to wait till i can borrow someones computer.
    Hopefully ill get it working ill let you know how i get on.
    thanks for your help though really appreciate it
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