Visual stud 2010 instal question

got a question im instaling visual studio 2010 right now like as i type

i clicked custome cause i already got all the bloat ware that my laptop came with i dont need more.

here is my question though what is the manditory stuff

here are all my options

microsoft visual studio 2010
---visual basic
---visual C++
---visual C#
---visual F#
---visual web developer
---graphics library

microsoft office developer tools (x64)
dotfuscator software services - comunity edition
microsoft sql server 2008 express services pack 1 (x64)
microsoft share point developer tool

now i know i need the studio and all the *** under that but what about those last 4 options are those just *** or do i need them.
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  1. I'd just install the full package. MS developer software may install a ton of options but none of it will slow down the PC aside from the SQL services.

    Since you did not say what you are going to use the software for, it's hard to say what you want to install or not.

    Usually "bloatware" comes from all of the little helper tools for computer novices or ads for upgrades. Visual Studio has none of that.
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