How do I install Hebrew ahon Vista 64 Ultimate?

I upgraded to Vista 64 Ultimate some time ago, and now I want to install Hebrew language support.

I went into Control Panel like I would in Vista 32, and selected:
Clock, Language and Region > Install or Uninstall Display Languages > Install Languages. A dialogue box asked me to select the language to install, saying "Type or browse to the folder that contains the language files."

Huh??? I'm lost. How come it does not ask me to insert my install disk, and then give me a drop-down list, so I can select Hebrew (or whatever other language) from the install DVD?

Someone said I needed a current version x64 MUI (Multi-User Interface) Hebrew Language Pack, but I went to the Microsoft site, and I could not find it. I found lots of other languages under Windows Update, but did not find Hebrew. (I think maybe I downloaded it before? But if it is not installed, why do I not have an option to download it? And how do I find it now?)

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Got it.
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