fitting e4300 retail??

can someone please help me on bit. i got an e4300 with an asus p5n-esli motherboard. the chip is retail and for time being im using stock heatsink and thermal paste. at the bottom of the intel heatsink is 3 strips of thermal paste would i just place the cpu in and then place the heat sink on top or is there something else i do.

also can someone give me alink to a guide on how to put togherhter a core2 duo pc as the ones i can find are old. will help if it has pictures
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  1. first, read the manuals... everything should be fine then ! 8)
  2. the manuals dont say that much
  3. the manuals dont say that much
  4. Tried reading product installation manuals that come with the products?
  5. yes just need to clarify do i have to do anything to the therman paste on the heatsink or do i just place it over the chip and clamp it to to the motherbaord once the proceesors been inserted
  6. The thermal paste is preapplied, just place the heatsink over the proc and latch it down.
  7. thanks that what i wanted to know. you wont know of any website that show you how to build your computer step by step with images prefferably
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