7900 gt 0r 8600 gt

i have nvidia 6200 tc 128 mb card so i want to upgrade to new one
so should i go for a 7900 gt or 8600 gt or 8600 gts

price of 7900 gt and 8600 gt is same but 7900 gt is a better performer but only thing is that 8600 gt is dx 10
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  1. you answered it yourself.

    An overclocked 7900gs will perform better than a overclocked 7900gt.

    The ati x1950pro is a better buy for that money.

    For almost the same performance but dx10 capable you had to buy the expensive 8600gts....
  2. The 8600 is DX10 capable but to actually play DX10 games you have to turn down the graphics, which defeats the point. If you can't scrape together enough money to get an 8800 or a X2900 then you should get a 1950 or a 7900.
  3. And the 1950GT will O/C to a pro.

  4. Quote:
    And the 1950GT will O/C to a pro.


    They actually essentially the same card, except the pro uses less energy and runs cooler.
  5. I depends on what you want to spend on it.

    The 7900gt is faster than the 8600gt, but it requires more power then the 8600gt. And since your running a 6200 you might want to check you PSU. If you need a new PSU for the 7900gt then it will suddenly be a bit more expensive.
  6. I'm with you, the x1950GT's a nice little card. Not to mention it's cheap, and it will def. overclock to Pro status. OP should consider it.
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