HELP PLZ! i need help configuring my netgear wn802t wireless access po

I just bought the netgear wn802 wireless access point to hook up to my wireless router (linksys 802.11b).

I am totaly lost i have no idea what to do. it says for the first steps to configure the computer with a static ip address of and subnet mask what does that mean do i have to change something? and what does static mean?

step c it says connect an ethernet cable from the wn802t to the pc and it says before that prepare a computer with internet access and an etherenet adapter. If i connect the wn802t to the pc i have to take my router ethernet port out then i won't have any internet access

please help on what settings i have to change and what i need to do

Any replies are appcreciated=DDD
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  1. also like it says that when you conect it to the computer all light should light up but only the power light lites up
  2. All you have to do is run the setup CD before you plug in the access point. Plug it in when it tells you to. It will let you search for wireless networks when done. Click your network and hit connect. Its that simple.
  3. there is no instalation cd all there is , is a cd that has a pdf format instruction manual on it
  4. do i need to have 2 eithernet ports or an ethenet adapter or something i have no idea i'm really lost someone helpp pleasee
  5. Why do you need a wireless access point if you already have a wireless router?

  6. This will take such a long explanation I hardly know where to begin.

    1st thing the router must be setup to go wireless, from a hard connection. If you need help call the ISP support. Find the newest netgear driver from the web download and save it.

    2nd the wireless card is installed let windows do it. Control panel or task bar at the wifi icon find your network. Best to secure it. WEP. Write your network password down for future use!!!!!!! They might not mention it but no spaces. Example = a1a2b1b2c1 , it will be alphanumeric, ask the ISP for an example, change the example they suggest somewhat.

    Try googling this topic or reading the PDF file. This is an easy thing to do but read up first.
  7. well i wanted to get a faster speed and i read somewhere that the wireless access point will get you the speed of that accespoint not your router
  8. i can install it using the instructions but at first the wireless access point it doesn't even light when i connect it to the ethernet port
  9. What is the speed of your wireless adapter? B or G?

  10. the wireless adapter is b an old linksys model
  11. Then your netgear wn802 wireless access point isn't going to be any faster. Both the wireless access router/point and the adapter need to be the same speed.

  12. Jessssuuus, I read the replies, and sorry to be blunt, but majority of you sound like geek squad retards. He has a wireless router, and wants a wireless access point, typically people do this because they want to EXTEND the range of the wireless router.

    Not all WAP and extenders come with "Im a noob setup install cds" his wireless access point DOES NOT, it comes with a CD with just a PDF on it containing the same instructions that are included in print when he bought it.

    His wireless speed is irrelevant, unless you were just asking to know personally. unless he bought his router 8 years ago, its a b/g/ (possible N), any wireless access point or extender can read and repeat b/g/(N)

    To answer his original question, yes the Netgear WAP you have is a bit janky, it asks you to change your IP to a static IP of JUST for the WAP to allow you to connect to it's admin setup menu (, it repeadtedly loses connection while your in admin menu, and DHCP doesnt work properly, so you have to manually assign static IPs to all your computers you plan on connecting to the WAP....this = super lame. Take it back and get a Linksys wireless extender, and its much more simpler (if you havent done so already this is a ooold post) . I prefer Netgear equipment, but for ease of use, go with the Linksys
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