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Boot up, windows 7

Cannot start computer even to safe mode, would trying to install windows 7 from Vista 64 overcome this?
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    Can't boot to Vista at all? Not good...

    The first thing I would recommend is trying repair the start up files. If this works, then you should be good to go from there however you like.

    How to perform a Startup repair:

    Second option - This has the potential to be more destructive, but is more thorough.

    How to perform a full system repair:

    If those don't work, then you're looking at a complete re-install no matter what. If you ahve a Win 7 DVD, then you may as well go to that...
  2. Cheers Scotteq.

    Tried above but only have the recovery partition on hard drive and this seems to be part of the problem. Will try the win 7 approach to see if this overcomes the problem, sometime this weekend.

  3. Yah - Can't even run the maker's recovery utility when you can't get into the OS at all... Best I can say at this point is to make a recovery disc when you have an opportunity..
  4. Like to thank you for the help.
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