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Hi everyone,

I am one of those people computer dazed....I logged onto my computer through my internet provider and tried to sign in to MY MSN and new window opened to MSN Connection Center instead, instructing me to add new dial up numbers to access the internet!....When I was already connected.....So I fiddled with that for a good two days and didn't succeed because it told me the email address and password I have had for the last ten years is inaccurate!......Since my yahoo messenger opened I have taken to going through there......opening that site and accessing my favorites which has my msn included there......I can open My MSN and access my hotmail that way.....which is ridiculous.......I also opened my remove programs window and didn't see anything about MSN Connection Center, so was unable to uninstall it.......but am confounded as to how it got on my computer in the first place!......I have to use dial up in my rural area and have Windows XP.......Any help out there?.......

Gray hairs sprouting from my head like weeds.......

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  1. Go to control panel, network and internet connection then setup or change internet connection, your real provider should be there, choose it.
    If not do a search from the same window, then add it
    Posted it here as well, so you can see it for sure
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