Vista ultimate crashes after the format and install

Hey guys,

I have recently tried to install Windows vista ultimate,( i know, why am i installing vista) but i wanted to upgrade to a 64 bit verson of windows. Before the upgrade i had windows vista home on my pc, npp installing there and before that xp. i formated my harddrive and went to install and everything seem to go good. It rebooted and went past post, the vista loading bar comes up. but after that i get the blue screen of death. It suggest i change the video adapter or something of that nature. I've been racking my brain on this one and im stumped.

i ran memtest and it passed, even tried another set of ram. loaded default bios, reformated with the xp cd, and even used one of the reformat tools on my boot cd i have. i have taken out the ram and reseated it. i can put xp on just fine, vista home fine. I even made a multipl of new cd's. My friend took the same windows ultimate disk and put on his computer np. Again any input would help alot, ty if anyone replys to this post that can aid my dilemna.

these are my spec's

evga 780i ftw
q9400 (oced to 3.2 ghz)
nivida gtx 260
mushkin ram pc 5400 (the memory is set at 800mhz if that helps)
300g sata harddrive western digital
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  1. try setting the processer and ram to deafult speeds and see how you get on
  2. i have tried that. Ok so i have a whole new problem i put in one stick and boots just fine. but when i put the second one and i ran it thou a bunch of boot ups. and it will sometimes boot into windows and sometimes crashes. Thank you for the input
  3. hmm flaulty ram stick it sounds like, hope you've still got your receipts :(
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