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hi guys,
,i have got a wierd problem which still i cant imagine what is it about,
the point is,due to employ its booster abilities,i decided to install ai-suite (which i have installed & worked with it lots before yet i had uninstalled it due to some conflicts of ai-nap with windows seven hybernation power state),anyway, THE SUITE SEEMED TO BE INSTALLED AND THE PROGRAM RUNNING AND PRESENT IN WINDOWS TASK MANAGER, YET, THERE WAS NO SIgn OF PROGRAM INTERFACE WINDOW OR EVEN ITS ICON IN THE TASK BAR,
ending the program and rerunning or restarting the system,or reinstalling the program didnt solve anything.according to the task manager the ai-suit.exe and ai-nap.exe r running, yet,there is no sign of the damned software on the desktop nor any icon (i rechecked the other hardware-profile related software,and i sam that my ati catalyst which normally loaded with windowa statrt up and would be summoned via the programs bar or controlpanel or ...,has the same problem!!! display driver is ready,woeks and present in task manager{ccc.exe and...}yet, whenever i click it,nothing happens ),
any hint would be appereciated(i have tried disabling,configuring my security programs-in the event of some conflict- yet no luck)
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  1. i failed to explain ai-suit: an asus software interface design to make main/bios changes ,a little more user friendly
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