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I received a message on my "Windows Vista" telling me I needed to update or add a Driver for
"ACPI IRQ Holder." They asked me if I wished to download it now or later. I chose "Now".
It tried to download it. However a message came up saying that it could not locate a Driver and refered me to "Microsoft Phone Support". Any idea if I need this and if so, where could I find it.
I have a Dell Desktop Studio 32 Bit computer.

Also, If you could help me with another problem. "Sometimes" my "HP Deskjet D4260" printer will not print clearly or so lightly, it is unreadable. This is just if I am printing documents using only Black. I am using "Georgia Pacific #92 Paper". I also ran my "HP Diagnostics" and it said everything was fine. Also my Ink Cartridges are full.
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Ptfitzy
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  1. You aren't using recycled or refillable cartridges are you? I would start by aligning and cleaning the print heads. It may take 3 or 4 times of cleaning the print heads.

    I would ignore the ACPI update. Vista had a rash of this about a year ago. As long as you aren't seeing any BSODs, conflicts in the device manager, or hardware errors you should be fine.
  2. Reference the Printer, I use HP cartridges. I had some jams a few times where I had to "Pull" the paper out by hand. I may have screwed up the Alignment.

    This may sound stupid but, how do I allign and clean the print heads?
    Is it complicated and time consuming? I have no clue how to do it.
    Maybe I should buy a new one. All I need is a Basic Printer. Nothing for photos.
    I first went to the HP Forum. When someone who had a problem with jamming or printing they were told by HP, the reason was they did not use "HP Paper".

    P.S> what are "BSODs?"

    Thanks a lot,
  3. Most printers have a maintenance section. You can have the printer go through various maintenance procedures, such as cleaning and/or aligning the heads. It doesn't take much time, you just have to tell the printer to do it.

    A printer won't jam because you don't use brand specific all purpose paper. Whoever told you that was full of crap.

    A BSOD = blue screen of death. It's when your computer crashes and all you see is a blue screen with a white message on it. The message can vary, but they look like this:
  4. Thanks so much for your help and quick replys.
    I have the "HP Diagnostics tool"for the "D4260".

    When I click on it, it lists "Connection Issue", "Spooler Service Issue", "Print Queue Issue", Printer Status Issue", "Device Manager Issue", Check for correct port", and
    "Check for correct driver".
    All have a green check by them.

    I went to "Control Panel" and up comes an icon of the HP Deskjet D4200. I have a "D4260". I don't know why "D4200" is listed. I used the Installation Disk that came with the D4260 when I installed it. However, I have not yet been able to find the "Maintainance Section".
    Thanks, Phil
  5. Start-->click All Programs-->point to HP, and then click HP Solution Center-->settings-->print settings-->printer toolbox--> here you should be able to clean and align the cartridges.
  6. I did that. I get the "HP Print Diagnostic Utility for D4260, which I mentioned above.
    It lists the items I listed above as working. There is nothing about alignment. I don't have an "HP Solution Center".

    I then went to their 2nd method. I went to "Control Panel". I double clicked on "Printers". I then right clicked on my HP Printer icon. I then clicked on "Printing Preferences". It says click then on "Features" Tab. After that, It says click on "Printer Services."There is no "Printer Services" nor is there a "Toolbox". I sure appreciate your help. I'm so tired and burned out, I need to call it a night. I sure thank you for all you have done to help me. Either I'm missing the "Boat" or the computer is.
  7. It's likely an optional install component that may have never been installed.

    You can download it here
  8. Sorry I had to stop last night. I was going nuts. Tonight I went to the solution center site.
    There are a lot of things on the sight. I found a program to download "Drivers". It stopped about 3/4 of the way and said I needed an Internet Connection. My Internet is up. Also, I typed in Align and clean Printer. Up came 2088 Programs.
    I'm trying to find the program that checks alignment and can clean the the print heads. Thanks so much. ptfitzy
  9. Here's the step by step guide

    Here's the download for 32 bit Vista

    Here's the download for 64 bit Vista

    You just need to download and install the solution center for whichever version of Vista you have. Then follow the step by step guide on how to align the print heads. You should also see an option in the same area for cleaning the heads.
  10. I got it! I have "Align" as well as "Clean" Cartridge. What I don't understand is why these things were not on the Disk when I first installed it. I never knew there was "Align" and "Clean" cartridge until you suggested it. Then it was so difficult to find and download. I would not have found it without your help. I was losing my mind. I'm a little low on the Black Ink which I will replace tomorrow. Thanks soooooooo much for your help. I owe you one. Hopefully when I put in a new cartridge and align it, it will work OK.
    I'll let you know. Thanks a lot.
  11. You should only have to align the cartridges once, but you may need to run the clean cartridges cycle 3 or 4 times.

    Apparently HP deemed it wasn't necessary to include the program in their install disc. Glad I could help. Hopefully that's all the problem is, and this will fix it. Let me know how it goes, good luck.
  12. I'll do that. Thanks again.
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