Need Immediate Help, Password ID Invalid upon Windows XP Installation

So recently I was forced to uninstall Windows Vista, and I can no longer put it back in. I found my Windows XP Disk and installed it on my computer without any problems, I am now at the part where it asks me for my XP Passcode ID. I put in my 25 Character Code and it tells me that it is invalid. I bite the bullet and call Microsoft and buy a new key for ten dollars. That too does not work, and I got my refund. A bunch of solutions require me to go to Run msconfig but I can't access safe mode because I don't have any kind of software on my computer. What can I do? Does anyone know why this is not working?
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  1. You try with another cd? maybe the problems isn't the the cd...
  2. I think your right, I have it working now, but I don't get why that was the problem. The last CD brought me to the Passcode, why didn't it just let me enter it on that CD?
  3. I don't have a really answer...just...maybe some strip on the cd...but how I said...I don't have a really answer...
  4. The product code needs to match the build of XP.
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