First build - powers on but NO DISPLAY!

My first build, details are in my sig. It powers on, all fans are working, but I get absolutely no display whatsoever. I powered off through a hard reset, turned back on and same thing. Fans running, nothing else. Pressed a bunch of keys on keyboard, and nothing. I can't for the life of me figure it out. I triple checked all connections, cables, compatibility, and all is seated well. Is it a bad mobo? I'm sad...
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  1. nevermind, I'm stupid. I forgot to hook up the 12v power supply to my CPU. Who knew!
  2. :D lol.. well congratulations with ur build.
  3. Hehe, kudos to you for having the balls to admit that - we've all done something similar :)
  4. I bet you had cold chills when you went to power it up.

    I know that I did the same thing one time after swaping everything to a new case.
  5. He forgot to plug in his Sig. sorry, it is late, lol
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