WIN7 stuck on startup logo *URGENT*

My computer was feeling quite sluggish and I had experienced my nVidia GeForce 330 crash and recover few times so I restarted my computer; but it got stuck on the loading screen with the animation frozen. So I force shutdown my computer and started in safe mode to perform system recovery but even then it still got stuck in the loading screen.
The situation: 1. Computer cannot boot fully. It becomes stuck on the windows 7 loading animation screen with the animation frozen. I can access f8, f12, del.
2. I can boot after performing recovery but cannot reboot as it gets stuck again.
3. While booted in safemode or norm, i cannot open some applications such as my trend micro titanium maximum security. It shows splash screen then closes.
4. Firefox/explorer does not keep history. Back button greyed out, even with settings to enable history

Computer specs:
Intel i5 CPU 4gb ram
nVidia GeForce 330

Fast help would be much appreciated and thankful.
I can provide more info if needed. Thanks
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  1. I did check for malware and it still won't boot properly.
    Would resetting BIOS help?
  2. I know you said F8 didn't work but try ..

    1. F8 safe mode command prompt
    2. When you see dos box, type CHKDSK<space>C:<no space here, to stop TH showing smiley>/F<enter> to check for hdd errors.
    3. Type EXPLORER<enter> to get a desktop.
    4. Uninstall NV drivers.
  3. My laptop was not able to log on into windows, and just stuck on the windows 7 logo.......

    This problem occurred when I brought the laptop to the repair shop to fix the CPU cooling fan,
    When the guy on purpose unplugged one of the wires connected to the monitor, like he is trying to make me come back again for another problem so that he charges me again....

    I was frustrated that my laptop unable to open up, but It was able to open up in safe mode.
    I formatted it twice, but the problem keeps happening "stuck on start up logo"

    You guys never hand in you laptops to untrusted people for repairing ever ever never.
    By the way, I opened up the laptop myself, and I saw the wire unconnected,,,, and just reconnected.....

    Hope this information is helpful
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