Problems overclocking Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 Rev. 3.3

I'm trying to overclock my board with the following configuration:
Core2Duo 1.8ghz E4300
Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400, PC26400, 2GB Kit, 5-5-5-18, 240pin DIMM
XFX nVidia GeForce 7900GT 470Mhz

I can't set the CPU Host Control to "enabled" so that it stays in that mode. Even if I increase the fsb frequence by as little as a 8mhz, or even not at all, my computer boots twice and the cpu host control mode is back to "disabled". I have tried many different combinations of settings, all CPU related stuff is disabled, CIA2 disabled.

Any ideas what could be wrong? When the computer restarts the first time it halts at the point where it says "memory check"...I can only see the first two letters of those words (i.e. "Me").

Thanks a lot for any advice you can give me, I'm a newbie... but I think this is a hardware-related compatibility problem, not my fault :)!
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  1. One more thing:
    Gigabyte doesn't list the memory I used (Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400, 5-5-5-18) in its Qualified Vendors List.

    Is there a big difference between the Corsair 6400 and 6400C4 (this one is listed on Gigabyte's QVL)?

    Thanks a ton for any help you can give!!
  2. Try updating to the latest bios.
  3. I already have the latest (F10). I've also tried downgrading to F9, didn't work for that either.
  4. dont freak out i have this board, what you do is open bios enter your settings.. then on reboot hit delete again and redo it.. dont ask my why or reason you ahve to do it twice in a row for it to take effect.
  5. Thanks.

    I think upgrading memory from Corsair XMS TWIN 2x1024-6400 to ....6400C4 helped.

    I have a few more questions though....

    When talking about cpu temperatures, is the recommended max limit of about 58C during a test (e.g. prime torture test) or idle?

    I got my E4300 from 1.8ghz up to 3.06Ghz, but during a torture test the temp with coretemp program was around 70C. Isnt this too high or is it ok as long as the idle temp is lower (mine was around 50C idle)?

    One more thing... which one is better, mem multiplier set to 2.0 (1:1 ratio on gigabyte mobos) memory so that my 800mhz memory runs at 664mhz, or increasing the ratio to 2.66 so that the memory freq is 863mhz (this is all under the front bus speed of 332mhz)

  6. First, are you using Intel's stock cooling? They are kinda weak, could be causing your high temps.

    and second, 1:1 would be better to run in, for it is far easier on your memory. Higher ratios are used for various other overclocking configurations, but 1:1 should be your goal (usually).
  7. hello its me again, what he said is correct the intel stock heatsink is kind of weak, the 70c mark is very very hot i would think long term with summer on its way and temps inside room raise you will end up damaging your cpu if your turned off your thermal failsafe(which the oc guide actually has you do)

    secondly the ram issue, this one was tough for me i have ddr2 800 mhz mushkin which was great i would recomend you stick with 2 ratio 1:1 and not oc to much past your rams threshold. if anything you will be held back on OC potential only based on ram. currently i have the 6300 which stock 1.86 and i overclock my memory only 50mhz thats my max and it hits about 3.4 past that its unstable for me.
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