Small problem with Enermax Infiniti 720

Hey guys. Iv had my new machine up and running for about 3 weeks and there has been an odd occurence. About 3 times so far, there has been a high pitched, very loud buzz or alarm sound that i think is coming from the PSU. It only seems to happen when the computer has been on for most of the day. Other than that the machine has been working great so far. I know there is an alarm on the PSU itself but i cant think of what could be setting it off. Here are my core components:
Enermax Infiniti 720
P5b Dlx
2 gig Corsair ddr2-800 1.9V

thanks in advance
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  1. its more of a buzz...It really doesnt sound like anything mechanical. It's a monotone high ptiched squeel
  2. Read the section of the Manuals for the Motherboard and the PSU regarding error tones if you still have them.
  3. good advice dude, I think he is hearing the transformers in the psu. I think of a transformer on a pole I can hear the hum and because a computer works with high frequencies the transformers are making high pitch hums.
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