Belkin Wireless G-MIMO and Cable Internet

I have Cox High-Speed Cable Internet and am sharing a hard-wired PC with a wireless laptop. My equipment is a Toshiba PCX2200 cable modem with a Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO Router F5D9230-4....

Don't know if this is a router issue but around the same time 2-3 days out of the week our internet connection is dropped. Called the internet provider and was told to unscrew the cable line connection w/ modem off and then screw it back on and it should be fine. It gos through about 5-8 disconnects at random each time and decided to call them again. They told me to try directly connecting my hard-wired PC to the modem without the router to see if the problem continues. It didn't. Did this on the laptop as well, never got disconnected.

Is the Belkin router causing this? Or is it something to do with the internet provider?

Roomie's laptop is configured correctly, as is mine, and we are completely annoyed with this.

Can anyone help???
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  1. Sounds strange. Might be something wrong with the router.

    Are you actually losing your wireless association or are you simply being prevented from surfing?

    I would recommend that you try updating the firmware on your router.
  2. See if these instructions on the Belkin support page to assign a static channel help you:
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