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I have this headphone/microphone set from Logitech. I bought it quite a while ago. I want to talk on vent with my buddies from Warcraft, but unfortunately I can't get the microphone to work. It is plugged into the right jack and the headphones are working. So I can't figure out what the problem is.

Could anyone help?

I think my computer isn't recognizing the headphones. The only way to get the driver (I checked) is to download Windows Service Pack2. I don't have a valid product key, so I can't do this.

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  1. You should be able to get the driver from the website of whoever makes your sound card. If it is integrated sound, then you should look at teh motherboard web site.

    Also, go into your control panel and check out teh sounds and devises part. There are tons of volume settings for most sound cards and chances are that one of the volume bars is at 0 or you have something muted. Windows....
  2. Quote:
    I don't have a valid product key, so I can't do this.


    Torrents to the rescue
  3. OK, I downloaded the driver for my sound card (Xtreme Sound 5.1/16 Bit Sound Card) and restarted the computer, but the problem is still not solved. Microphone is not muted, but in sound options, the box to change microphone option is all greyed out, which I guess means that the computer is not recognizing it.
  4. I really wish I could help you....but alas, I have the same problem. Grrr....
  5. How is your sound card configured?

    Is it set (on the sound card driver/util) to two channel stereo?

    Many newer cards offer you the capability to run 5.1 from the card in analog format as well.

    This means what you thought was running your mike is now configured to be the center channel or sub output instead of an input. It is a matter of configuration.
  6. What should I set it on? I have the option of 2 speaker, 4 speaker, 6 speaker, and headphone setting. For all of them it shows the option of pink jack as microphone (which is what I put it in).
  7. plug-up a set of known-good-speakers to that jack. See if there's output
  8. Chose the settings for the speakers you use.

    Take the mic/headset out and then:

    You have headphones so choose headphones...

    Replace the mic/headset.

    Now go to the control panel.

    Select "Sounds and devices"

    Make sure you have the correct mic selected in the audio tab.

    Now go through the wizard on the voice tab "test hardware button" moving your slider until you see the green bars moving.
  9. Quote:

    Make sure you have the correct mic selected in the audio tab.

    Thats the problem, my logitech microphone doesn't show up in the tab. It only says
    Xtreme Sound Audio PCI Device
  10. Here is a link from where you can download the service pack xp sp2. Hope this helps.
  11. clutch that IS it.

    Sorry that defines the port not the device... My bad for not being clearer..
  12. nope no green bars.

    also is it normal that my slider bar automatically drifts upward during the test hardware when i try to change it, except when it is on the lowest one (no volume)?
  13. It is drifting upwards because it is automatically trying to get your levels correct.

    Not sure what your issue is...

    Could you post your exact model number?
  14. Logitech Premium Stereo Headset with Noise-Canceling Microphone
    Model: 980369-0403

    Sound card is Xtreme Sound 5.1/16 bit Sound Card by DIAMOND

  15. I am having the same problem. I also get an error message when I try to test my microphone with Sound Recorder. The error message I get says:

    "Another program is recording audio. Please stop recording with the other program and try recording with Sound Recorder again."

    I have updated my AC'97 Audio drivers but neither problem is solved. Help is required!
  16. I am having a problem too.i do everything same with test hardware but still not working, anyone can help me... i have dell inspiron 1300...
  17. You know, I had that headset until I ran the cord over too many times with my chair brilliant on my part actually. Anyways what you need to do is plug the headset and mic into another computer and check their to see if it works, if not then my guess is mic is defective. If it does work then make sure you don't have the mic plugged into the line in port on the card, make sure your card is set as the the default device heres how. Under sounds and audio device properties in the control panel, go to the audio tab and make sure your card is set as the default device under sound playback and sound recording. Then go to the voice tab and make sure it is set for voice playback and voice recording.
  18. I don't know if this topic is still open...

    The fix for me was to, first download the latest updates for my sound card. In my case, it was the AC'97 Audio. Then I had to change my mic from the computer's built-in modem to the other device. After going into my sound manager and un-muting my mic, hey-presto it worked!

    I am unsure if this is your problem, but it definitely helped me!
  19. I think the issue is just poor design on Logitech's part. I can plug in any number of handheld microphones and they all work fine, but even at full volume settings using either of three different Logitech brand headset models, none of them seem to work unless mic boost is enabled and everything turned up so high I hear digital noise of my mouse moving more than voice from the mocrophone. Perhaps they raised the noise cancellation to an extreme that includes almost any sound at all, even voice directly into the mocrophones.

    Does anybody make a simple, basic, working headset with microphone?? Perhaps even without the dysfunctional, use-inhibiting noise reduction?
  20. i have windows vista and cannot get my dell xps to recognize my mic jack, front or back one. it plays music through speaks and headphones so i do not think it is the sound card. help! hate vista but it's the only 64 bit os i have right now.
  21. microphone is not working
  22. Hey i got the solution...
    1-go to sound and audio devices in control panel.
    2-select audio tab
    3-in sound recording click on volume
    4-then full all the volume and select on mic volume and ur done!
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