Size after cutting 700mb file is 2.5Gb

Hi Gurus,

I do not know if this is the right place...MOds please redirect if I am at wrong part of forum.

I have just installed Cyberlink Power Director 7 on Vista.
But when I use it to cut/trim a part of a 700MB .avi movie, the newly generated clip (which is of 2 minutes) is of 2.5 Gb size.

Where am I going wrong??

Please help !!
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  1. the codes is doing this, you will have to compress the video, not sure how, its been ages since ive done any video work
  2. 2.5 GB does seem a bit much for 2 minutes, but it depends on quality and amount of compression in the original file.
    When you edit a AVI file in Power Director you are decompressing the original and the output is going to be much larger then the original, untill it's compressed down again.
    I have a 1,431,883 KB AVI which when converted to mpg is 7.19 GB=2hours 21minutes. It's not a HD file.
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