Cheap but solid motherboard and memory for E4300 ?

I've been looking to see if I could upgrade my AMD 939 Venice 3200 system with just an X2 type processor. It seems a good investment would be to go with Opteron 165 currently on the egg @ $104. However, I need a second computer for running some linux development on. That system is now an XP 2600 and motherboard seems to be flaky lately. I figured, if I could dedicate my current Venice system to linux, and just get on E4300 bandwagon as everyone seem to love this new chip, this might be better way for my total upgrade. All I'd need is to match E4300 with a decent but cheap motherboard and memory. I want to OC it a bit to gain the advanatge of this chip (I igured I could stick with standard retail heatsink?), but I don't want to stretch it too much. My budget is very limited, maybe up to $250 or so. Please help.

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  1. gigabyte ds3 (p965) is a solid board with great ocing prowess.
  2. e4300~100$ + 100$+ ~100$ or Corsair
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