Need to make my previous Admin account as default.

I was using my windows XP ,I don't know how but somehow I accidently created another Administrator account ,after I restarted my windows asked ,at the start up screen,to logon from one of the 2 Admin accounts ,as my PC normally used to go to the desktop directly instead of the logon screen I wanted to get rid of the admin account which was created recently ,hence I right clicked on My Computer ,Manage,Local User Groups >User>Administrator (Built in one) and I disabled it ,now whenever I start my system it gives an error that system admin disabled your account and after pressing OK it starts my original admin account which I wanted to ,now how do I get rid of the 'system admin disabled' error at the screen so that whenever I start my PC it directly goes to the desktop using my original admin account,it's a lil bit annoying ,hope someone can help me in solving this ,thanks.

Just want my previous Administrator account to remain the default one and start directly as it used to ,now the built-in Administrator account is the default one ,I have to log off everytime from the built in one and use my previous Admin account.Hope someone can help in making my original admin account as the default one
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  1. Delete the unwanted user account.
    control panel-->user accounts-->delete desired account
  2. aford10

    There is no such option to delete the desired account and I think one can't delete the built-in administrator account.

    Though one can disable it which I am able to by going to My computer>right click>Manage>Local Users and Groups>Users>Administrator and over there I can disable it but after I disable it I am not able to start my windows for the new session as on the welcome screen it shows that the account has been disabled and then it shows 'Windows is starting up',I have to manually then enable it again from the safe mode.

    Somehow I want to make my original Admin account as the default so that whenever I start my windows the original admin account starts instead of the built-in one.
  3. It likely isn't the default administrator account. In XP, when another account with administrator rights is created, the default 'administrator' account no longer shows up to log into (unless you hit ctrl+alt+del at login, or enter safe mode).

    You can disable the login screen by:
    start-->control panel-->user accounts-->advanced tab-->uncheck the box to require ctrl+alt+del under secure logon.
  4. Thanks for the reply ,the new administrator account which has been accidently created is the built-in account as it is showing in the My computer>right click>Manage>Local Users and Groups>Users>Administrator option ,disabling it isn't helping and it won't delete as it is the built-in one ,Any way to transfer my old Admin account's settings and files as it is to the new Admin account?
  5. Which settings?

    You can delete your account (the non default account), and take ownership of all the files with the default admin account.
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