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Looking for MS-DOS as main os

Hello, community.
I am building a computer, and I wish to have Windows 7, some linux os, and a DOS compatible with MS-DOS programs. Where could I find a disk-operating system? (don't ask why.....nostalgia I suppose).

I'm willing to pay for it, obviously, if I have to. I just want it. And not just DOXBox or some emulator, a main os. Just to reiterate.
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  1. that's not my question, though. all i'm asking about is where to find a disk operating system (sorry about the background, I was just explaining).

    so ya do you know where I could find a dos to use as one of my operating systems?
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    FreeDOS. It's worth a try but I can't guarantee that any version of DOS will work with modern hardware.
  3. k. well i'll try it, i guess. thanks for the input :)
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