Program to keep track of everything modified during an installation?

Hi all!

I am reinstalling windows and I would like to keep track of EVERYTHING (folders, registry, files, etc) modified during the installation of a given program, so I can remove the program entirely when I don't want it anymore, like if I had never installed it. Even better if the programs keeps track of things modified by that program after installation. Such feature would also allow me to know which program made that mess on my registry, modified my DLLs, created each folder or installed another program (you know that weird feeling when you browse through your PC, see all those strange-named folders which you have no clue which program created them or which program need them to run?)

I do remember vaguely there was an app which used to do something like this some 10 years ago. I believe it was from Norton, Symantec or whatever. But these programs used to come in a expensive and heavyweight suite, and I would like to have something standalone, light and free (if possible). As I have some machines running windows and some running linux, I would like to have suggestions for both if possible.

Thanks in advance!
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    InCtrl v5 seems to be the most popular out there, but it does cost about $8:,2817,9882,00.asp

    You can check out InstallSpy which is free:

    There was one that I used a few years back, which was useful and free, but I can't remember the name. Hopefully one of the above solutions will work for you.
  2. Yeah, one of them might do the trick. Even if none of them does, by reading their description I found out I should search for "registry tracker" and I'll find programs such as these. I did some googling before but couldn't discover this exact seach term. Thanks, brandoncatz! :)
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  4. You're welcome! When looking for one I did "install logger" or "installation logger" to get that info. I'll have to try "registry tracker" and see what kind of results I get. Good luck!
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