Lost MS Works 6.0 during a Total restore

Hello, I have a Compaq Presario 6015US desktop with XP home. Something happened and nothing worked right so I used the 4 Restore Plus disks that came with the PC. 1 white cd one red cd (OS) and 2 silver grey with one titled Productivity Applications and the other titled Additional Applications. The silver/grey CD Restore Supplemental Software Productivity Applications kinda hung up while installing the contents. I tried the Retry button a few times to no avail. So I chose skip and it proceeded and it completed its duty but after all was loaded and looking good I noticed that MS Works 6.0 was not there like it was after a previous restore a year ago. How do I go about getting MS Works back? I opened the CD's content in My Computer and all I could find was MSWorksBIO. I was told to look for MSWorks.exe but its not there. Any suggestions? Thank You JC
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  1. While not directly answering your question, you may wish to check out OpenOffice as an alternative to MS Works if you can't seem to restore it.
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