Is alky project a ok site to download stuff from?

I have win. xp (which only supports dx 9) and found something from alky project that would give me dx 10 for win xp. I need to know if alky project is not a site that will give me a virus. (are they reliable?)
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  1. And what the hell does that have something to do with GRAPHICS CARDS?

    delete this thing already!
  2. That is not possible and should not be trusted in any way. Don't do it. DX9 is the highest for XP.
  3. Thanks jryan, well that is kinda dissapointing... =(
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  5. There is no reason to, trust me.

    The jump from DX 9 to 10 to is small..

    But from 9 to 11 is HUGE.


    Next time you upgrade your computer if you put a dx11 card in get Windows 7 *or windows 8 if your that slow at upgrading haha*
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