Streaming TV to the PC... need a good site.

Hey all,
I’m trying to find a place that we can watch streaming HD quality TV onto the PC… especially live broadcasts like todays NFL games.

There are a few things out there like TVU I’ve found but I don’t see anything on them. Also tried going to the networks websites but almost none of them stream.

Thanks all!
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  1. If you want live network TV on the PC, you need to get a tv tuner card.

    You can find many sites that stream shows, Hulu, Netflix, but none that I know of would show you current shows on at the same time they are on TV.
  2. and by tv tuner card your reffering to plugging cable/satellite/antenna into it, yes?
  3. Correct. The cards normally have a built-in antenna on them that can pull in OTA broadcasts, but your reception will of-course depend on your location.
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