PS2toUSB adapter doesn't work in certain usb port.

Hey there,

I'm having a weird problem here. I just finished cleaning my PC and my ps2 adapter no longer works in certain usb ports, I tested all the ports with a laser mouse, a G15 keyboard, a Xbox 360 pad and a external HD, they all worked. When I plug the adapter in the faulty usb ports there is a pop up saying the device didn't worked properly and Windows doesn't recognize it.

I don't think those are toasted because like I said I tested 'em with a bunch of devices and they worked. What can cause that?


Specs : P5Q Pro, Corsair 650 watts, along with a q9550, 4 gig 800mhz and a 8800GT 512mb.

Damn I forgot to add that when I was cleaning I noticed that the PSU was installed on the wrong way, I've a Antec 900 so the way it was installed the fan was blocked by the bottom of the case. I flipped it. I don't how it's related thought.
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  1. Try uninstalling the USB root hubs in the device manager. Then restart. They will reinstall when the PC restarts.
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