Questions about moving vista business install to new HDD.

Hey guys. so i'm running vista business 64 bit edition, and i'll be getting a new HDD soon. Ideally, i'd like to move my whole system drive to it as painlessly as possible, but i don't really know much about the process.

Is it possible for me to just tell vista to make a backup on the new HDD, and then boot from that backup?

If not, how does the restore process work? do i just put in the vista installation disk and tell it to restore to the new drive?

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  1. My recommendation would be to save all important files to disk or external hard drive and do a clean installation using the Vista installation disk. Install the new HD and follow method 2 described here. Boot to the Vista installation DVD by going into BIOS and selecting the DVD as the first boot device.
  2. well, my system is running well so I dont' really want to reinstall everything.
  3. Well, try downloading a software like todo backup and burning a bootable copy of the current disk. Also, open control panel and click on Restore. If there is an option in the Business edition to do a complete restore, try that.
  4. You can use an image program like Aconis or Ghost to make an image of the drive and transfer it to the new one.
    Also most makers like Seagate and WD supply a free downloadable utility for this specific purpose to allow you to transfer the contents of your old drive onto the new one.
    I believe it's based on a cut down version of Acronis.
  5. Todo backup is free. Same deal as Acronis True Image, but cost less.
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