HDR + Antialiasing? True?

Hey Guys

I heard that geforce cards used to have a problem with HDR and Antialiasing.
That both HDR + Antialiasing could not be enabled at the same time in a game.

Is this true, has nVidia sorted this problem out? Can the 8 series cards enabled both in a game? Did ATI ever have this problem?

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  1. No problem with the 8 series, nor the ATI X1xxx series upwards.
  2. The story is a little more complex now, and actually was kinda complex then. The GF 6 & 7 and R9700-X850 all could do integer HDR + MSAA, but couldn't do OpenEXR style FP16 HDR with AA enabled only the X1K could.

    Now there's the issue of whether hardware AA will 'ruin' the HDR effect or not and whether it needs to be shader based AA. To me this issue is nit-picking and considering the performance hit, not worth it at this time.

    For the general issue the shortcoming of the GF 6 & 7 for HDR+AA has be resolved in the GF8, however you still can't enable both in many of the apps out there and you must still force it in the ControlPanel (just like on the X1K/HD2K).
  3. Oh wow. Suddenly I feel old.
  4. Some let you do it, some do not.
  5. Thanks to all that replied.

    How does one force HDR + AA to run together in the nVidia control panel?
  6. You should turn on HDR from the game's video settings then go to the nVIDIA Control Panel and then set the AntiAliasing to something that you desired!(for example 2x or 4x)
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