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WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO DIFFICULT!? I want to copy photos off my computer and paste them to Hotmail. It works for anything online, why can't I do if from my hard drive!?

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  1. Hotmail is a mail server and not your personal hard drive.
    You can email photos to your Hotmail account, or you can use the Photos option on Hotmail (Now Windows Live), click on photos, create new album, then use the browse option to navigate to your Photos folder and upload them.
    Now what's hard about that?
  2. Thank you for the reply.

    We've got some disconnect here, I don't think you understood the question, and I don't understand your answer. But, if you can solve this problem, that would be great.

    Here we go:

    I'm sending an email. I want to embed a photograph in the email. If I go to another window and find a photograph online, I just copy it and paste it to the email.

    If I want to go to a photograph saved on my hard drive, which will be displayed in Windows Photo Gallery Viewer, I click on it to copy it but when I go to Hotmail or Yahoo to paste it, it won't paste.

    The pictures I'm working with I ultimately want to post to Craigslist, but I need to paste them into an email, first.
  3. I think I have my answer. You can copy and paste from Picassa but for whatever reason, Microsoft *cough* *cough* Windows Photo Gallery Viewer doesn't facilitate that.

    Picassa downloads for free. Otherwise, one would have to upload their pictures someplace like Photobucket and then copy and paste to Hotmail.
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