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hey guys i am having a green tint all over my screen using asus ati raedeon 1 gb card
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  1. How old is the card, have you tried it in another machine? and is this happening on all outputs or just on one?
  2. 1st you need to narrow down where the issue may be , try the monitor on another system. Try a different monitor on yours.

    That will rule out 90% of where the issue may be. If the monitor has the same issue on another computer, monitor issue. If a different monitor has the same issue on your PC, swap out the cable, try a different output on the video card, last step is to replace the video card.
  3. One problem that I used to have was that my cable was loose. None of the green came through, so it gave my display a purple tint.

    Just something you might want to check.
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