Win Xp sp3 installation on dell laptop results in Boot loop Help!

Hello. I recently Installed windows sp sp3 on my dell laptop and after i restarted the computer i found that i am stuck in a boot loop! i cannot boot to anything not safe mode or last known good config. Everytime it boots to normal windows, it gets to the boot screen scrolls across once and then stops and shows a blue screen for about a second, not enough time for me to see, and then it reboots and repeats the process. I have been able to see the bsod because of disabling the auto restart and it showed this stop : c0000221 unknown hard error \systemroot\system32\ntdll.dll. When i boot into safe mode it gets to the agp440.sys or whatever it is then restarts.
Now im pretty sure this is a common problem with sp3 installs, but isnt that normally on amd machines where you have to disable intelppm. Im running a dell with a pentium 4 m processor so it cant be that.

Specs of Laptop:
Intel P4 m
256mb ram
30gb hdd
Win Xp pro sp2 (kinda sp3 lol)

Please help!
Thanks will

(Ps this is my work supplied laptop)
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    Reboot Loop After Installing Windows XP SP3

    To solve this problem you have to grab a pen, a piece of paper and the Windows XP Disc. Make a nice drinks or coffee or tea to make you feel relax...

    1. Start the computer and keep tapping F8 button when the system starting until you see the "Windows Advanced Options Menu" Please select an option:
    select the "Disable automatic restart on system failure" then press enter.

    2. Now we're on the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) showing the symptom that causes the illness. Write down the name of the file....

    3.Put the Windows XP Disc into CD/DVD Drive and press the reset button to restart the computer, then press any key when the system starting for the Windows XP Disc. Now you see a "Window Setup" with blue screen background and please wait until it settle down.

    4. Press R for Recovery Console... We are on the "Microsoft Windows XP (TM)Recovery Console" press 1 to log on...then press enter.

    5. Administrator Password is the main password when you install the Windows XP. If no main password then press enter.

    6. As you can see the "C:\WINDOWS>" This is where we type the DOS COMMAND PARAMETERS....

    7. Now we have to make a backup of the file you wrote in the system folder. Type this command parameters;


    press enter

    RENAME NTDLL.dll NTDLL.orig (change NTDLL.dll to the name of file you wrote)

    press enter

    8. Then copy the NTDLL.dll from C:\WINDOWS\SERVICEPACKFILES\I386\ to the system folder with the right command parameters:


    press enter


    press enter

    To restart the computer type EXIT then press enter....enjoy ;)

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  2. Thanks for the reply im sure it would have worked but i fixed this on my own by using the windows xp disk to uninstall some file i dont remeber. but thanks anyway!!

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