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Best Free Office Suite?

Hi thinking of downloading 'Open Office Suite' , just wondered what people thought before I did? or what they might recommend?

Is it as easy to use as it states?

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  1. Try it. What have you got to lose? No-one else can tell you how fit it is for your needs.
  2. OK Cheers..............
  3. It's pretty nice. It's not as full-featured as Office, but it will serve most of the basic needs, and it's free. :)

    It's the best option I've seen available.
  4. Will try thx
  5. Like it myself. Why buy MS Office when open office is out there?
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    I agree with everyone else in that Open Office is a great solution. Depending on your needs, you could try just using Google Docs. Provides (very) basic spreadsheet and word-like document abilities and you can keep all your files in 'the cloud'.
  7. Could....I would not do the latter though. Judging by the fact that I've read about the Google Chrome browser possibly tracking surfing habits. I don't like being spied on myself....just saying.
  8. Thx guys
  9. Any opinions on ms works? It came installed on my semi new pc and seems to have a lot of the features of ms office 2007.
  10. It's just a smaller and cheaper version of office.
  11. Thanks and I believe I have the latest version and it is going away in the future. Thanks again,
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