Excel linking documents within formula help -- Suddenly not working

I have been using Excel for many years and considered myself pretty sharp on Excel issues. Recently Office 2010 Startup was installed on this computer (and since has been removed).

I have a rollup document that I link excel to in a formula situation. Before I could just go into the cell, add my + sign and then flip over to my other excel document and go to the correct cell and hit enter. It no longer works and it is making me nuts. Any ideas how I can resolve this? Thank you for your assistance.
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  1. Shouldn't that be "="?
  2. Please elaborate on what exactly you are attempting to do?
  3. jbakerlent said:
    Shouldn't that be "="?

    I am attempting to link excel documents that have totals in one spreadsheet and add it to another spreadsheet, linking them so that if the value changes in one spreadsheet it will change the value in the other since it is "totalling". And yes, I did start the formula with an "=" sign but I am adding the value in the other spreadsheet cell with a "+" sign and then going to the other spreadsheet cell and hitting enter. It should have added the cell in that particular spreadsheet into my "totalling" spreadsheet.
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