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I have Vista Ultimate. I originally had a 1TB SATA Drive with Movies on it. I then purchased 2 1.5TB SATA Drives. Made the new drives Dynamic and Spanned them. Moved all my movies over from the original 1TB Drive, unaloocated it and added it to the spannned partition. Everything worked GREAT, movies were accessible and all. However, after I rebooted ALL drives were offline and I couldn't reactivated them. LOST 177 Movies. (OUCH) Since then I have tried numerous ways of creating the volume with the three drives, each time it works great until I reboot and then I get the same issue, drives are offline and I can't reactivate them. Any Ideas? Is Vista limited on the Drive size for Spanning?
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  1. I have resolved the issue. Noticed I had not loaded any service packs. Updated to SP2 and the spanned drives now stay active after reboot. Not sure why an SP would fix that unless support was added for larger hard drives that the base vista load didn't support. I found no supporting information for this but that's all I can figure.
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