New build, can't install Windows Vista!!

My first build...

When booting from the CD-Rom drive to install Windows Vista, it goes through its installation process but then hangs when installing to the hard disk. It says "Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation". I called the HDD manufacturer (Western Digital), and he said I need the drivers for the motherboard to recognize the disks. I tried using the disks that came with my motherboard to install the drivers, but it hasn't worked.

In BIOS, the drives are recognized. Everything seems to work properly, yet i can't install f$%*ing Windows! I NEED HELP!
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  1. You have 2 drives listed in your sig. Which one are you trying to install on and are they both Sata, both IDE, or one of each?

    Things to check in Bios - make sure you dont have Raid turned on and under boot order make the first boot device is the HD you want to install to. It's a blank HD so the computer will fail over to the next device - your DVD drive and it will launch the Vista installer. FIY - Google is your friend - I found this info listed first on a Google search by putting in the error message you listed. "Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation"
  2. Both drives are SATA. I have an 80 GB WD HDD I'm trying to load Windows on, and a 500 GB Samsung HDD for data.
  3. what is the boot order settings in your bios?
  4. Boot order is:
    CD ROM
    Floppy (but I don't have a floppy)
  5. I made sure RAID is not selected in BIOS, which it's not. I'm pulling my hair out! I have NO idea how to get my system to recognize the hard disk when the only drivers on the Gigabyte disks are for RAID! I can't find any other drivers. I'm at a loss here...and have no idea where to go from here.
  6. Just a shot in the dark here but which sata connectors do you have your hard drives plugged into. I believe your motherboard has a secondary sata controller for the two extra sata ports which are a different color. I could be mistaken but I believe only the south bridge controlled connectors will work until you install the motherboard drivers. Racking my brain trying to think what it might be and that just occured to me. Also read this and this it might help.
  7. GET THIS!!! I decided to unplug my Samsung 500 GB drive and just keep my 80 GB WD HDD because that was the one I was installing Windows to. And voila! It worked!!! Can anyone explain that??
  8. On the google search I did on your error message that too was in the forum thread after I read it again. Not sure why... Good that you got it going.
  9. Sounds like Vista could not decide the drive to load on, it always reads for a while then it goes to write, thats when the error will happen.
  10. I was about to say - Disconnect the extra (data) drive... But the OP handled that himself.
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