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Blue screen after malwarebytes.

hey, i posted here on another section about my pc lagging badly and i was just going to do a format when i got a message from a freind saying to dl and run malwarebytes. i already use nod32 and spybot s/d but i thought id give it a try.

So i did a quick scan and nothing came up, so i ran a full scan and it started to pick up infections. It got to 6 infections and about 12000 checks and all of a sudden boom Blue screen. So do i have bad infections on my pc? Will it all be gone after a full format?

any advise please guyz
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    Yes, it sounds like it's fairly bad.

    Your friend gave you some good advice, but it's only part of a process that you should perform. Run through the malware guide in my signature. This will hopefully keep you from having to format.
  2. Awsum TYVM, it helped so much
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  4. Happy to help.
    Thanks for the vote. :)
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