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I am building my computer today, but my SSD isn't going to be here for a while, so I am going to install windows on my regular drive. When I get my SSD, and install windows on it, will that count as another activation, because I don't want to use all my activations?
P.S. Sorry if this has already been asked, I've been searching all over and can't find an answer for this.
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  1. you could install on your regular drive then just clone it to the ssd --much faster than re-installing

    just remember to make sure automatic defragmentation is turned off once you put in the ssd
  2. But I would still have to re-activate it right?
  3. not as far as i am aware--never had to reactivate after a clone

    it works on a kind of hardware points system--so as an example changing the hard drive scores 1 point--no reactivition required

    but change hard drive 1 point and change memory as well--2 points for memory means 3 points scored--reactivation required

    or change motherboard--4 points activation required

    i know this isnt exactly how microsoft does it but its based on that principle
  4. Could I choose not to activate it for 30 days, because my SSD should be here in a few weeks?
  5. dont see why not but have never tried that way before
  6. What win7 version u have? OEM?
  7. Home Premium
  8. There is no limit to the number of time one can activate or reactive Windows 7 as long as it is installed on the same PC.

    If you acquired Windows via retail purchase (boxed product), you may activate via the Internet the first five times. Subsequent activations are allowed but must be completed via telephone.
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