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Was over at Station Drivers today and saw that my Gigabyte mobo had a BIOS update.

The reason listed is for "Add support for new super IO version".

Is this important and should I flash my BIOS for this?

I've had no issues so far with my board, but curious about what this update means.

Rest of System Specs -- e6300 C2D (no OC), 2g DDR2, 7950 512mg PCI-E, X-Fi Fatal1ty.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. If your system runs well, don't flash the bios.
  2. Many people would agree with o1die, only flash if there is a problem. On the other hand, when there are problems one of the first solutions is to update the BIOS so I make it's my practice to keep the BIOS up to date and have never encountered a problem doing so.
  3. I've had about 4 bad flashes in 15 years of building systems; if you don't have a spare pc I wouldn't do it.
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