Att 2210 modem wont connect to linksys befsr41 router

Ive tried everything, when i connect to internet port from modem and pc to a port, the nic will get a gateway of which is the default. I cannot get to the router login screen. I can access the modem config screen and modify. I cannot ping the router. Ive reset the router,modem and pc. powered off everything for a couple of hours and still no dice. Im wondering if att has made to where u can only use att equipment. can anyone help?

PS i just bought the router, doing the same thing as my other linksys router.
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  1. try calling AT@T tech support and they will try to help you but you must have all your equipment working on your end(properly configured Networking interface card, DHCP client service started-depending on what is your PPOE point = router or modem this can change!!!!!!oh disable the allow the PC to turn this device off to save power check box- it may be sleeping LOL....Also what brand of firewall are u running not zonealarm (:() I Fear ? ? by the way I have had trouble here too I am looking to fix it in a couple of days. Still there is more that you are not telling us as what is your firewall and maybe a diagram of your layout in the form of a simple flow chart PLease
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