My computer shuts down unexpected

whyy does my new computer shuts off unexpectedly and then says no signal.when i try starting it again it stays on for some seconds then cuts back off or sometimes it don't come on at all.
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  1. Do you play games or run some resource intensive programs when it shuts down? If so, then it's possible that your computer is overheating. Lookup and download Speedfan and tell us the temperatures
  2. If you're having troubles getting it to power on and stay running, open the side and turn a fan on to help cool it down. If it's a heat issue, this should help. Then you'll want to download speedfan as mentioned above.
  3. My desk PC started shutting down randomly and finally every 5 minutes. I'm using Windows XP. My solution: Aftrer removing an air shroud that was blocking my view of the CPU, I found dust had covered the CPU fan, impeding the air flow and vacuumed it off. The unit has now been running for 2 days steady and no further problem.

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