Please help me to solve it

The error msg is " Could not complete your request becouse of missing or invalid personalization information." if I press ok then photoshop cs is exited.
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  1. Try pressing Shift and CTRL simultaneously then double click on Photoshop shortcut on the desktop - this one is resetting the app configuration. But if this is a virus (Which I have also experience) scan it with an antivirus. It should work.
  2. Reinstalling should fix it. Try uninstalling first.
    - success reinstalling delete register : search box type : regedit / HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE/adobe/delete
    - C: / program file/adobe/delete
    - C:/ documnet&setting/user/appication data/adobe/delete
    reboot disabled firewall & install photoshop & sellect for all user
  3. is this a trial version and the time has ran out.?
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