Programs not responding

CPU phenom X3 2.2
Ram 2GB
Vista home prem 32bit
vid ASUS ATI HD 4650 ram 1gb
550 watt PSU
whats happing with this computer is I reinstalled the computer to factory settings last night. put in the new video card. and started to install the drivers, and widnows updates. first thing I notice is that window update is running slow, and its hard for me to run more then one thing at a time. it keeps on crashing and saying not responding. at first I try to unstill and reinstall the vid card software. ( and i found that I didn't uninstall the old onboard nvidea drivers) that help a little, it went form 10 mins waiting on the program down to 3 mins. but I know thats not how vista is designed to run because we have two other vista machines in my house.

also it seems to do this more when installing and uninstalling programs and updates.
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  1. Is anything being tapped out in the task manager?
  2. can you define tapped out that is a term I haven header before. ( that I can remember) as for whats running the only app is firefox right now
    there are 53 process running. but one that is really sticking out is the TrustedInstaller.exe its taking up 104,080 of the system ram.
  3. also 700mb of ram is being shared with vid card but im not sure where to go to turn that down
  4. Tapped out = resources are all being used. Meaning, is the CPU useage getting up to 100% or close? Is the RAM?

    Look in the process tab. Click on the cpu column to arrange by useage (highest on top). Look for the processes that are using high amounts of the CPU.
  5. right now the most if firefox and the highest it has peaked is 7. also i talked to tec support ( shoots self in head) and the best option they could give me was that the system programs like updates was slowing it down

    I just ran the update right now took 4 mins before firefox responded, but the highest the CPU is being used it 15% but its normaly around 7% so its not even close to max

    Ram is in the 45% range
  6. im going to try and do other stuff like install a few games, downloading some stuff, and maybe running a game or two to see if it happens outside of the windows updates
  7. Update it crashed with three tabs, and steam installing
    this sad to because i could do more on my XP P4 then this can grr I can't wait until i get the green for 7

    Edit also Im installing WAW right now setup takes up 34% max Im starting to think vista was just being stupid with its updates
  8. Do you have an antivirus program installed?
  9. Yes AVG and malwarebytes ive run both both came out clean. added to that it is happening on a clean install.

    it seems that most of my problems happen when vista programs like update defender, and the windows rating scan

    also when i click on my computer it stops and about a min later i got there error,

    logon process has failed to create the security options dialog

    failure - security options

    this happened mid way in typing this but I don't seem to be losing anything
  10. I was doing some research in to the error and from what i can tell Norton Anti virus mite be the problem. it mite be that traces from the program when i uninstalled it are still in my HD some where
  11. Best answer
    I think AVG is part of the problem. It's a bit of a resource hog. Uninstall that, and install Avira.

    Do you have threatfire installed? I see that linked to that error message a few times.

    Try disabling windows defender and see if that helps.
  12. If you've rolled back your system, norton shouldn't be on there anymore. You can check for traces of it with revo uninstaller.
  13. Im going to agree with you on that I was doing some research on it to error message, but I don't have threatfire installed

    anyway im going to uninstall AVG and give this a try. then I will report back
  14. its 100 times better, but i still get not responding when the vista updater is trying to install, or if im looking at advanced setting in prefrences.

    can anyone tell me if this is normal with vista ( i haven't really had that much time with vista) and if there is any guides to make it run faster/ better
  15. Do you have SP2 installed?
  16. negative on that SP1 is installed.
    also the problem didn't go away. im got the error. but it seems like it happens when i try to do stuff like updating, and the newest one was when i was formating a flash drive to see if it could use readyboost. slowed down but it isn't as bad

    doing other stuff is ok games run great,, but it still seems like programs are installing slow. i guess i could learn to live with it.

    also im having trouble installing SP2 it always fails for some reason

    Edit when i ment slowed down im ment stopped cold but not as long as it was doing
  17. Try downloading vista SP2 on a different PC. Save it to a flash drive or CD. Then move it to your PC, and install it.
  18. Im going to try that in the morning ( can't get to the other computers yet)
    quick question do you think this mite be a hardware problem. i don't think so because these mess ups only happen when it a microsoft system program running. if it were a hard drive or PSU problem wouldn't this happen with those running with out the other.

    anyway I mite try reloading vista in i can't get it to work by 3pm tomorrow.
  19. When vista came out, it was very buggy. That's where it got its bad reputation. The SP2 update seemed to fix a lot of the issues people were having.

    I really doubt it's the hardware. I think installing the SP will help.
  20. I agree. anyways I had a good three hours 58 dollar talk with microsoft trying everything to fix the problem, and we came to the conclusion that the recovery was messed up so when i reinstalled vista I was messed up. anyways i called ZT systems the people who made my machine, and there sending me the OEM disk for it.

    its running better but still messing up to much
  21. If it wasn't like that when you first got it, then I doubt it's the recovery partition. That sounds like a MS cop out. It's not impossible, but it's just not likely.
  22. your most likely right there just saying that so the blame isn't on them. do you think a new recovery disk will work? also this happened after i did a recovery did i forget to say that?
  23. Yep, you mentioned that.

    It can't hurt to try the disc. After you do the restore with the disc, make sure you get SP2.
  24. wells its going to be monday before the disk comes in, but i was wondering. I have a 2nd PC from the same maker. its like this computer same motherboard, but the CPU is a AMD x2 core. but his came witha disk of windows vista 64bit. would it hurt if i tried his disk with my key? Im just asking because it mite give me something to do over the weekend.
  25. If the vista 64bit is home premium as well, then your key should work.

    Is it an OEM restore disc, or a full copy?
  26. it worked, and is running at full speed. all updates are installed, and SP2 is running

    it's a full copy of the OEM disk.

    also thank you for your time and help
  27. You're welcome.
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