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I'm in need of an Excel expert, or just someone who knows better than I do how to put a formula together! I am trying to create a forumla to use with conditional formatting. What i need it to do is highlight a cell if two cells meet a certain condition.

For example;

G1 = "S73"
Then Format cells (highlight in red)

If BOTH of the conditions in "" are not met, I dont want it to change

This will be applied across a whole sheet, is there a way to do this rather than copy and pasting the formula onto each row?

Hope someone can help as it would be a big time saver for me.


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  1. Hi,

    Select from the Conditional Format the following:

    Select Formula is from the Dropdown Listbox then enter the following:


    Then select the format and choose you colour then click OK.

    Tha's it!

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